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 About Sound Service:

Sound Service is an on site audio production company specializing in acoustic music and live sound reinforcement.  We offer cost effective audio solutions for special events and public address for audiences up to about 2000 people; depending on the type of music.  Adept with analog and new digital consoles alike, and very experienced on the Behringer X32, Mackie DL32R, and Yamaha LS9 and M7CL consoles.

With a background in electronics engineering, mechanical aptitude, communications, customer service, and patience, we bring a specialized event sound system to you!

Where Sound Service began:

Earlier on
Messerschmitt car
Out for a ride with dad in a Messerschmitt auto

Dad was an environmentalist, audiophile, and engineer for AT&T long before the baby bell breakup.  When I was seven he taught me to solder while he built a theremin.  At fourteen I built a remote controlled air boat from Heathkit; fitting for Miami.  Around age 16 we visited my older brother in Denmark, where he drummed in a band and collected odd cars.

Meanwhile back in junior high drama class I preferred running sound and lights, so did that and not so much acting.  Did about the same in high school, however I gravitated more toward the Audio Visual department.  Okay, I was the nerd with the AV cart, repairing VCR’s and such.  And of course ran sound at my church.

Fresh out of high school
Akorpolis album cover
Akropolis – Half a Million Hours Symphony

I landed in Odense Denmark once again and wound up helping my brother manage a Musikhuset Aage Jensen (music house).  I started out cleaning, maintaining, tuning, and miking the instruments for late night jam sessions.  With sound gear already in the basement, I had access to a Danish Mape console, (similar to Soundcraft) and a complete sound reinforcement system!  The Swedish band Wasa Express and other touring musicians dropped in to play in the studio.  Some of my live mixes were recorded to cassette tape.  Realizing my niche, Sound Service began taking the PA to local venues where I could mix.  Another task was to roadie our band “Akropolis” to Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen to record “Half a Million Hours Symphony.”  The album co-composer / guitarist / surgeon Jørn Bennedbæk hand dotted the original sound service logo in 1977.

Going back to Miami
Tapco sound board
Tapco sound board

Returned to the USA in 1979, spun some vinyl, and became sound man for a new wave band with Randy Rush and “The Front,” where I was subsequently “thrown to the wolves” on a Tapco mixer with knobs, not faders. Talk about culture shock!  Also ran sound for the rock bands Flesh, Lyps and Eyes.

Rhythm & Phoenix
Everyman sound company
house sound engineer for the Everyman Sound Company, Gainesville 1986

Central Florida 1982: Helped dad build a cypress log home, delivered subs, surveyed a bit, and took a course in multimedia communications.  I eventually hooked up with the Everyman Sound Company while running sound for an 11 piece “Rhythm & Blues Review and Show Band.”  In 1987 we ran a full production of “Hair” at the Florida theater.  Originally scheduled for three weeks, the picketers (for real) caused the show to hold over an additional week.  Later that year I engineered a middle school presentation of “Cats!” With Joaquin (aka Leaf), Liberty, and Summer Phoenix.  River (rip) played guitar with members of the Rhythm & Blues Review.

Asheville 1990 to present

Ran sound at my church, worked in pottery, installed audio systems, and got an associates degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.  After a mid 1990’s computer field repair job I became a technical support representative for Digitech International, troubleshooting gate access and door alarm systems.  After six years I moved on to testing and repairing DigiView camera surveillance recorders, and with it took on network administration.

Meanwhile Appalachian and Celtic music had long appealed to me, and found myself working sound for area contra dances.  Also made quite a few excellent recordings while running sound at a local pub: Jack of the Wood.  With a modest amount of equipment I began to resume sound service.  In 2009 a blessing in disguise occurred when our security company was sold to a corporation and many of us lost our day jobs.  Seizing the opportunity I had bought the domain, and added .us to the logo.  With a new concert series at Biltmore Park, and ongoing house gigs, Sound Service began again.  With DigiView Repair on the side.

Miscellaneous gigs:

2011 ~ 2013 nearing the thirteenth year of running sound at The Wood, I became Sound Designer for Flat Rock Playhouse musicals, and Music On The Rock concerts.  2015 ~ 2017 Lead audio production technician for Redemption Asheville.  I continue to run concerts at Biltmore Park Town Square®, Ramble Biltmore Forest, local venues, weddings, and contra dances.

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