Alan Phillips Sound Service Asheville music and event audio engineer

Sound System

 Based in Asheville North Carolina (Fairview) this event sound system with engineer is for hire. Fees include Delivery, load in, setup, sound check, performance, and load out.

Westsound band
Westsound band plays the Montford street festival 2017

This sound system is well suited for acoustic music and small festivals.  Many times a sound console out in the audience is neither required, nor desired.  Wireless audio mixing is utilized so there is no need for a sound snake and mixer amid the crowd!  Wireless is also perfect for conferences to concerts to weddings and many other special events.  Featured for this is the Yamaha LS9-16 digital mixing console, and is capable of six stage monitor mixes, and includes on-board omni delay, compression, equalization, stereo record and playback.

Equipment List:

  • House system: two JBL EON612 self powered loudspeakers, and two 18″ EAW sub-woofers powered by twin Crown XTi 4000’s. (Stereo tri-amped system)
  • Stage system: Four EV Sx80’s and two Turbosound TXD-12M floor monitors.
  • The Eon’s, Turbos, and SX80’s may be pole mounted and tilted for FOH and delayed speaker distribution.
  • Consoles: Yamaha LS9-16 and MG102c ten channel conferencing mixers. iPod and laptop hookups are always available.
  • Lights: Two Chauvet Mini 4 Bar LED light trees with random and audio triggers.

Microphones include: three Shure SM58, four SM57, three Audio Technica Pro35, three Sennheiser Evolution series e604 drum mics, one PG52 kick drum mic, one AT 4033 large diaphragm microphone, three Crown PZM disc microphones, two Shure PG58 hand-held wireless, and four PG1 wireless body packs with Microphone Madness earset microphones.