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"There is no substitute for experience"

Now Playing: Charlie Reed on Takamine guitar in a 1999 recording of the "1157 Blues"
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Sound Service was conceived in the late seventies egg carton lined studio of a Danish Aage Jensen Musikhuset. Following my school days in the Audio/Visual department I started work in that far away music house, with an instrument repair shop and club sound system for rent. So we served the community with live sound reinforcement. The store was a great way to bring touring musicians such as Wasa Express and recording artists "Acropolis" into the studio. I was then free to mic instruments and learn running sound on a pristine 24 channel Mape console. The Sound Service logo was created by our resident surgeon and guitarist Jorn Bennebaek of Acropolis and RedMustang.dk. Thanks to the Eilskov family I read plenty of Isaac Asimov, and dreamed of running a sound system without being stuck in one place...

"Going back to Miami" in 1980 I was "thrown to the wolves" on a Tapco system: with knobs, not faders! Thank you for that Randy Rush, and The Front. I worked with numerous bar bands, and began experimenting with Pressure Zone Microphones. During mid-eighties Gainesville Florida I surveyed land by day and ran sound by night for an eleven piece "Rhythm and Blues Review and Show Band," who took the stage for several years. In 1987 A few of the band members played and acted in a full performance of "Hair," which held over due to the non-staged picketers. After that ran sound for the Phoenix kids in a middle school production of "Cats." Joaquin was Rum Tum Tugger, and River played guitar.

Asheville, North Carolina 1991 I installed distributed audio systems, went back to school to earn an electronics engineering degree, and began gathering my own sound equipment. Late 1996: I took a job in computer technical support for a Mini Storage gate access and security company, then went on to camera surveillance Digital Video Recorder testing and repair. Meanwhile I was introduced to the Contra dance community and began working sound with the acoustic musicians who perform there. In 2005 I revived the Sound Service logo from our Musikhuset business card for Alan Phillips Sound Service. 2007 I constructed a touch screen monitor for use with a portable PC remote controlled sound reinforcement system and LS9, quite useful in theater and wedding events. Early 2009 saw the buyout and demise of my day job at Digitech International. This blessing in disguise allowed more dedication to Sound Service concerts and events, theater audio, sound reinforcement for the Biltmore Park Town Square® summer concert series, three years Flat Rock Playhouse Music On The Rock series and sound design on theater musicals.

With the advent of the iPad and the multi-touch StageMix application released for Yamaha consoles in 2011, I found this to be the remote control solution I had been looking for. There is however no replacement for the tactile response of faders on a sound console like the Yamaha LS9. Running the LS9 and Stagemix together there can be two engineers working a concert sound system, on the same console. The freedom of engineering sound anywhere in the room including the stage, is of course priceless, and is great tool for optimizing the listening experience for the entire audience.

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Alan Phillips
Sound Service
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Welcome to Alan Phillips Sound Service

Front Of House
Audio Engineer:
Alan Phillips
live sound reinforcement services
temporary and mobile sound systems
Public Address system applications
Stage Hand and Sound Design

Music and Event Sound Services:
concerts and events, holiday cerimonies,
music festivals, Spring musical productions,
conferences, church concerts, technical theater,
hookups for wedding reception band, DJ, and iPod,
two-track and multi-track on site audio recording

Featuring: the Yamaha LS9 digital console
wireless audio mixing from the audience
wireless hand held, earset, and lapel mics
audio spectrum analysis - sound system tuning
business and residential audio and network wiring
serving Asheville, Black Mountain NC, Cherokee,
Lake Lure, Greenville SC, Waynesville NC,
and Western North Carolina Mountains
With over 30 years experience

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About Alan Phillips Sound Service

Alan Phillips Sound Service is a live audio production company with small and medium floor standing sound reinforcement systems and the associated audio production tools and equipment for audiences up to 2000 people.

We offer cost effective audio solutions for public address, theatrical production, dance, and concert systems so performing artists can hear and be heard clearly, and at appropriate sound levels. With extensive experience in live sound engineering, we bring a specialized event sound system to you.

"Audio engineering is more than a profession, it is a craft."

Based in Asheville North Carolina this Sound Reinforcement System with engineer is for hire. Fees include load in, setup, sound check, performance, and load out. Since venue particulars vary dramatically, please call for quotes:

Road Ready Equipment:

Front Of House: two EAW FR-222 Forsythe Series full range cabinets powered by Crown XTi 1000, and two 18" EAW sub-woofer cabinets powered by Crown XTi 4000. Mixers: Allen Heath Mix Wizard2, Yamaha LS9-16 and MG102c ten channel consoles. Four EV Sx80 floor monitors and two Turbosound TXD-12M monitor wedges may be pole mounted and tilted for FOH and delayed speaker distribution. Two Chauvet Mini 4 Bar LED lighting trees with random, sequence, audio triggers. iPod and laptop hookups are also available.

Microphones include: three Shure SM58, four SM57, three Audio Technica Pro35, three Sennheiser Evolution series e604 drum mics, one PG52 kick drum mic, one AT 4033 large diaphragm microphone, three Crown PZM disc microphones, two Shure PG58 hand-held wireless, or five PG1 wireless body packs with Microphone Madness earset microphones.

The stock Yamaha LS9-16 digital mixing console is capable of six stage monitor mixes, and includes on-board: omni delay, compression, equalization, stereo record and playback. With the MY16-AT ADAT card installed and light piped to the MOTU 2408MKII, the LS9 is expandable to 24 analog inputs and 16 outputs. Sixteen optical in/out's are available for ADAT tape drive or multi-track hard disk recorder.

Many times it's not conducive to run cables to a sound console in the audience.
With the StageMix Application, wireless audio mixing is an eloquent solution.

Location sound:

Stewart Audio convection cooled digital amplifiers are completely noiseless and provide clean sound with low power consumption.

Alternative analog processing:

16 Channel Allen & Heath Mix Wizard2 sound console with four monitor sends and on-board effects processing, one Behringer Ultra Curve equalizer with Audio Spectrum Analyzer, delay, and feedback destroyer (for those set it and forget it configurations), Two Rane 31 band stereo EQ's One DBX 262 stereo compressor, 100 foot 24 x 4 snake

Small PA and conference system:

Acoustic, Songwriter, and dance small Footprint System

Concert, Festival, Club system up to 2000 people:

PA and Sound Reinforcement

EAW Full Range Cabinets
EAW Speaker Stack

Sound Service


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