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"Mr Potato Head" at Biltmore Ramble
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Alan Phillips Sound Service

Live music event system with audio engineer
small and medium audio systems
multi-track recording and mastering
concerts and events Sound Technician
A/V support

Music and Event services include location PA and music sound systems for concerts, conferences, music festivals, live band dances, wedding ceremonies, reception band or iPod, school commencements, musical productions, kid & adult birthday parties, theater audio, corporate events, seminars, Churches or any Special Occasion

Serving All Surrounding Areas of Western North Carolina: Asheville, Arden, Fairview, Fletcher, Hendersonville, Saluda, Tryon, Black Mountain, Mars Hill, Burnsville, Weaverville, Shelby, Lake Lure, Marion, Lake James, Lake Keowee, Morganton, Hickory, Ferguson, Lenoir, Wilkesboro, Waynesville, Maggie Valley Sylva, Cherokee, Robbinsville, Cashiers, Highlands, Concord, Charlotte, Greensboro, High Point NC Appalachian Regional Areas near NC, SC, TN, South Carolina: Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbus, Charleson, Myrtle Beach SC Tennessee: Johnson City, Del Rio TN

With over 30 years experience

Event PA system

Based near Asheville North Carolina (Fairview) this Sound System with engineer is for hire. Fees include Delivery, load in, setup, sound check, performance, and load out. Since venue particulars vary, as does my schedule, please call for quotes:

The Yamaha LS9-16 digital mixing console is capable of six stage monitor mixes, and includes on-board: omni delay, compression, equalization, stereo record with playback. With the MY16-AT ADAT card installed and light piped to a Behringer Ultragain ADA8200, the LS9 is expandable to 24 analog inputs. Sixteen optical ouputs are available for multi-track hard disk recording via the MOTU 2408mk2.

Many times it's not conducive to run cables to a sound console in the audience. With the StageMix Application, wireless audio mixing is an eloquent solution.

Equipment List:

  • House system: two JBL EON612 self powered loudspeakers, and stereo 18" EAW sub-woofers powered by twin Crown XTi 4000's.
  • Stage system: Four EV Sx80's and two Turbosound TXD-12M floor monitors.
  • The Eon's, Turbos, and SX80's may be pole mounted and tilted for FOH and delayed speaker distribution.
  • Consoles: Allen Heath Mix Wizard2, Yamaha LS9-16 and MG102c ten channel conferencing mixer. iPod and laptop hookups are always available.
  • Lights: Two Chauvet Mini 4 Bar LED light trees with random and audio triggers.

Microphones include: three Shure SM58, four SM57, three Audio Technica Pro35, three Sennheiser Evolution series e604 drum mics, one PG52 kick drum mic, one AT 4033 large diaphragm microphone, three Crown PZM disc microphones, two Shure PG58 hand-held wireless, and four PG1 wireless body packs with Microphone Madness earset microphones.

Alan Phillips
Sound Service
PO Box 8350
Asheville, NC


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Biltmore Park concerts in the park 2015 Biltmore Park Town Square® concerts 2015

Biltmore park town square Biltmore Park Town Square® summer concerts 2016

About Sound Service

Sound Service is a live audio production company specializing in live sound reinforcement systems with audio tools and equipment for audiences up to 2500 people.

We offer cost effective audio solutions for public address, wedding, theater production, dance, and concert systems so performing artists can hear and be heard clearly at appropriate sound levels.
With extensive experience in pro sound engineering and problem solving, we bring a specialized event sound system to you.

"Audio engineering is more than a profession,
it's a craft."

Acoustic, Bluegrass, Contra Dance, General Purpose System:

  • JBL EON612 loudspeakers pole mounted and tilted
  • Four SX-80 stage monitors
  • Two FR-222 Subwoofers
  • Crown and Stewart power amplifiers
  • 100 foot 24 channel snake or snakeless
  • Mix Wizard or LS9, microphones, stands, etc...

Small PA and conference system:

  • Hand-held and ear-set wireless microphones
  • Two EON612 loudspeakers pole mounted
  • up to Four EV Sx80 enclosures with distributed delay
  • Stewart World 1.2 amplifiers
  • Yamaha MG-102 10-channel analog mixer
  • Optional Yamaha LS9 digital console (snakeless)

Concert, Festival, Club system up to 2500 people:

  • Two JBL EON612 loudspeakers
  • Two EAW 18" Subwoofers powered by Xti4000's
  • Crown DSP handles crossover functions
  • Four EV Sx80 monitors
  • Two Turbosound floor wedges
  • Front Of House 6800 Watts total
  • 100 foot 24 channel snake or snakeless
  • LS9, microphones, stands, etc...
small pa set up
Warren Wilson Commencement
Biltmore Ramble Whitewater Blugrass band